willdigo asked:

Oh my gosh I was in such a sad crappy mood tonight and then I found this blog and it's totally brightened up my evening, your dog is so gorgeous and this blog makes me smile, thank you! <3

Aww I’m so glad Ellie and I can put a smile on your face. :D if you or anyone is having a crappy day I’ll send you a personal picture of Ellie to brighten your day!!! (: happy national dogs day.

superiortaz asked:

Sorry if you get asked this a lot but how old are you? You look so young (and pretty!) in your pics. I'm 20 and hoping to move out soon and get my own fur baby, I'm beyond excited (: Ellie is beautiful btw!!

I’m 19 (: I’ll be 20 in December!! And thanks lol if you do move out try to look through your local humane society’s before deciding on any kind of dog. Cause sometimes the best kinds of dogs hide there (: But if you choose to get a certain breed then goodluck!! And if you get a samoyed you can ask me absolutely anything, I’m always here to help anybody with Sammy questions(: I’m so excited for you :D lol

Anonymous asked:

when did you start letting ellie off a leash? i have one too, but im too scared to let him off bc he always sniffs out deer/animal or tracks of anything! he will come when i call his name, also will always be completely obedient for treats, but im still worried off the leash he will get too distracted!!

Ellie still gets distracted but now is a good time to start. It’s great obedience training. Find a safe place like a park with no traffic and not a lot of people or even a small neighborhood. Walk for a little while and if they stay close reward them. And of course if you start to feel uncomfortable like if another dog is near by or you think your dog won’t listen always keep a leash with you. After awhile your dog will get used to the routine and commands. Ellie still runs off to smell things but I don’t mind because she always stays close. And she knows if she comes back she’ll get a treat (:

everbright-mourning asked:

I know why Ellie stays so white! (Mom was an breeder/owner/handlers for Sams.) You're brushing her twice a week, and Samoyeds shed enough that you're pulling out the old, dead hairs before they have a chance to stain, AND brushing pulls out dirt and stuff they would stain her hair. 2nd, She's she's still young! My Piggsley got up to 16, and she turned a light beige sort of color those last years just like humans go gray.

Hey thanks that’s good to know!! I’ve noticed places that don’t get brushed as much like her face and behind her ears are a beige color!! Makes sense. Thanks for sharing (:

Anonymous asked:

As a dog groomer, I am so pleased to know that you brush Ellie regularly. (You wouldn't believe how many dogs I see that look as if their owners have never seen a dog brush!) Keep up the good work, she's gorgeous! :)

Wow thank you so much. Means a lot to hear that from a dog groomer. My next step in learning is trimming the hair around her paws and clipping her nails :D if anyone has videos that will help me it’d be very much appreciated.

Anonymous asked:

whats your grooming routine for ellie? shes so beautiful!!! <3

I just brush her twice a week. People always ask how she stays white? I really don’t know. It’s pretty hot this summer so we always keep the sprinklers on for her. But other than that we only give her a bath if she gets super dirty like jumps in a mud puddle. She’s only been to the groomers once and they did an amazing job but it’s so expensive. I almost thought about getting ads so I could afford it haha. But I’ve been watching YouTube tutorials and trying my best at keeping her coat healthy and fluffy lol